Open Day Saturday 5th May

We’re opening our doors and holding an open day on 5th May. All prospective students, parents and interested teachers are welcome. There’s also a free concert at 12.15 by a Guildhall School saxophone quartet. To let us know you’re coming please email

The timetable for the open day is as follows:

09.30 Intermediate Strings (Grades 3-5)
09.30 Junior Choir ages 7-12
09.30 Mini Choir ages 6-7
09.30 Composition
09.30 General Musicianship
09.30 Senior Percussion
09.30 String Quartet
09.30 Kodaly method musicianship (musicianship for children aged 4 plus)
09.30 Beginner Classical Guitar

10.30 Wind Band (Grades 1-3)
10.30 Brass Quintet
10.30 Senior Choir (Secondary)
10.30 String Quartet
10.30 Piano Trio
10.30 Percussion Ensemble
10.30 Popular Music and Sound Engineering
10.30 Beginner Classical Guitar Ensemble

11.30 Senior Strings
11.30 Prelude Strings (rising Grade 1-3)
11.30 Brass Ensemble
11.30 Wind Ensemble (Grade 4 plus)
11.30 General Musicianship
11.3o Advanced Classical Guitar Ensemble

12.15 Lunchtime concert by Guildhall School Saxophone Quartet

13.00 Jazz Musicianship (Improvisation and jazz for grade 4 plus)
13.00 Jazz Band (Advanced small group jazz)
13.45 Cello Ensemble (Grade 6 plus)

Individual instrumental tuition sessions are timetabled from 09.30 to 13.00