Spring term starts online on 9th January 2021

Happy new year! Term starts on Saturday 9th January 2021 and our tutors will be teaching all classes, 1-1 lessons and ensembles online.

A parent has provided this testimonial about SCYMs online teaching:

The quality of provision at SCYM has been excellent – and lockdown has allowed us to get a far better understanding of just how amazing the tutors are. Great imagination has been used to allow for ensemble groups to run, coupled with chances for students to play solo and receive feedback from tutors and peers. It has also been a privilege to be able to sit in on individual instrumental lessons and witness the ways in which tutors encourage the musical development of students. What has been really clear is how the ethos of SCYM is to develop a holistic love and understanding of music, encouraging young people to learn a range of musical styles and weaving together theory and practice in lessons and groups. We are very grateful for the ongoing opportunities provided by SCYM and efforts of all the staff at the centre to make sure that the music has continued to play.