Core curriculum

The tuition fees for the core curriculum at SCYM are £24 a week, or £240 a term and classes are scheduled to match school term dates, where possible. Core curriculum covers instrumental and vocal ensemble coaching in at least one ensemble, a musicianship class and choir. It also includes masterclasses and workshops from visiting artists, including those from the Guildhall School or the adjoining Saffron Hall.

Parents/carers are invoiced at the start of each term, with payment to be made online or by cheque at any point during the term.

Full curriculum

As per core curriculum, but with additional individual tuition. Lessons are charged at £17 for a 30 minutes. 45 or 60 minutes are also available, with tutors agreement.

Ensembles only

An option for more experienced musicians (post grade 5) who would like to play in one or more of the SCYM ensembles, but choose not to take a musicianship class or sing in a choir. In 2016 the cost for the ensembles only option is £11 per ensemble.

A means tested bursary scheme is in place. Applications will be considered only after the offer of a place, and should be made by 1st December 2018. If you would like to apply for a bursary, please request an application form from the SCYM office. No child will be denied access to SCYM on financial grounds.

Kodaly classes

The cost per child for a 45 minute class is £6.00, or £60 per term.